L'ete for String Quartet 2017


Knock on Wood for Solo Marimba


Death and the Maiden (Chamber Orchestra 2015)


Pajaro Solitario (Jazz Orchestra 2015)


Moon (for full orchestra) 2014


A Christmas Carol (Choir and Chamber Orchestra) 2005


Le Courage (Chamber Orchestra)2012


Aspiring Latina (Guitar Quartet 2015)


Never Land (for Mezzo Soprano, Clarinet, Piano, Horn, Cello) 2014


Hope Comes Home (for Baritone, Violin, Piano) 2008


String Quartet No.1 2012


Mozart Fantasy for Solo Piano 2012


Nostalgia (for Solo Piano) 2007


ON My Way Home ( Jazz Quartet :Piano, Alto Sax, Bass, Drum)


Bossa (Jazz Quartet ) 2009


Indian Blues (Jazz Quartet) 2009


Steps (Jazz Quartet) 2009


Psalm 43 (for Harp, Flute Cello) 2005


Oriental Grace (for Pipa, Cello, Piano) 2005


Olives that Have Known No Pressure (Choir and Chamber Orchestra) 2007


Easter Gloria (for SATB Choir and Organ) 2006


Love Triptych (Song Cycle for Soprano) 2006


Last Embrace (for Cello and Piano) 2005