List or works

Love Unspoken (Jazz Sextet)
Earth, Our Oasis (Choir and Chamber Ensemble)
Piano Concerto No. 1

New Song (for SATB Choir and Piano)
Tarab Suite (for Jazz Quintet)
The Ear (for Soprano and Piano)
Death and the Maiden (Chamber Orchestra)
Aspiring Latina (Guitar Quartet)

Printemps (for String Quartet)
Never Land (for Mezzo Soprano, Clarinet, Piano and Cello)
Funky for Dunky (for Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Piano, Bass and Drum)
Memoir (for Guitar Quartet)
Pajaro Solitario (Latin Jazz Big Band)
Stay Cool (Jazz Quartet)
Vices (Jazz Quintet)
Paths Crossed (for Violin and Cello)
Gavia Immer (Jazz Quartet and Electronic)

Orchestration of Ravel's "Sonatine"
"Love Lost" Song cycle for solo Baritone and piano
Moon (for Full Orchestra)
Breaking Free (Solo Viola)

Love Eternal (Voice, piano)
Honor (Clarinet, String quartet)
New York Cheesecake (Trumpet, Viola, Bass, Piano)
Morning Serenade (Clarinet, Viola, Guitar)
Love Never Fails (Choral)
Le Courage (Chamber Orchestra)
Rockabye Baby (Three Violins)
String Quartet No. 1
Between (Soprano, piano)
Mozart Fantasy (solo piano)

Triste (for Solo Piano)
One Cloth (Baritone and Soprano)
Taste and See (Soprano and Alto)

Fearless Leader (Jazz)
Fugue (piano)
Psalm 122nd (Soprano)
On my way home (Jazz)
Steps (Jazz)
In the Mood For Love (Jazz)

I Have Decided (piano)
I Shall Not Live in Vain (vocal)
I Don't Need Roses (Jazz vocal)
Shun-Gen (violin & Harp)
Indian Blues (Jazz)
ParabĂ©ns a vocĂȘ (Jazz)

String Trio (violin, viola, cello)
The Fulcrum (Tenor, piano)
Passion & Purity (Soprano, Voice)
Pajarito Margitaro (Piano solo)
Glory to God (SATB, string quartet, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone, harp)
Too Fine to Fall (vocal)
Hope Comes Home (Baritone, piano, violin)

On a Sabmanifold (Jazz Voal trio)
Father Gives You Glory (Baritone & Sprano Duet)
Olives that Have Known no Pressure (SATB, harp, flute, clarinet, string quartet)
Easter Gloria (SATB & Organ)
N Cross N (choral, piano, flute, cello)
Nostalgia (solo piano)
Night at Copabanana (jazz trio)
Now I dance for Him (soprano, piano) ** live link
Happy Grove (jazz trio)
The Kiss (Soprano, Harp) ** live link

Last Embrace (cello & Piano)
Easter Song SATB & Organ
Why So Downcast Oh My Soul (SATB)
Psalm 43 (Harp, Cello & Flute)
A Christmas Carol (SATB & String)

I Will Exalt the Lord (SATB)
Chorale Prelude (piano & Violin)
Kyrie (SAB & piano)
Piano Dance Suit
Oriental Grace (pipa, cello & piano)
A Child is Born (SAB & String Quartet, flute, clarinet)

Kyrie (SAB& Piano Chorale)
Waltz for the Ballerina (Jazz piano trio)
Bossa (Latin Jazz)
Love you Deeper (SAB Chorale)
Noel, Our Song of Joy (SAB Chorale & String Quartet)

Proverbs 3:23 (Jazz Choral)
Beautiful Savior (SAB & Piano)
Formosa Spring (Piano, trumpet, trombone, flute)